5 Science Experiments that you can do at home!

Science is an intimidating thing. It is not for everyone and those who have the penchant for it can hardly explain the obsession to the layman. With the constant risk of being called the geek or the nerd, a science scholar is somewhat of an enigma and a self-proclaimed lover of all things practical. But wait, not everything science is scary. In fact, most scientific principles can be understood very simply at the comfort of your home. You can put to practice a combination of these laws by doing some simple experiments using the things you can find at home.

As an example of the same, there are three simple experiments you can do at home to understand science better. You can also perform these experiments as part of built models in your children’s science projects.

  1. Rainbow in a Glass

Understand density and weight better with this experiment. You can create a simple rainbow of colors in a glass by the simple scientific principle of ‘heavy solutions settle down and the lighter solutions rest on top’. Take sugar dissolved in water along with distinct food colors and pour them into a glass. Remember to dissolve more sugar in the colored water solution which you want to be settled at the bottom. Proceed to add less sugar and a different color compared to the layer before and you will see that it settles distinctly on top of the other layer. There you have it, your rainbow in a glass!

  1. Slime

Playing with gooey slime is the new pastime for children and grownups alike. But store bought slime is more often than not unsafe for children. So here is how you can make that icky gooey slime at home! Make your simple mixture with glue, water, and food coloring and add some borax to it to get the perfect slime. There is a very simple scientific principle working here. The glue has liquid polymers and when borax is added to the glue-water mixture, it reacts with the liquid polymers and creates a very singular and flexible polymer that in effect looks and feels like slime. Adding the natural food color will ensure it is safe to be handled.

  1. Tornado in a bottle

Sounds insane right! To create a tornado in a bottle, all you need are two water bottles, a tube or a stopper to connect them both and some water. Attach the two bottles at the neck with the help of the tube. Fill one of the bottles with some water and hold the attached bottles in an upright position with one bottle over the other attached at the mouth. Now flip the bottle in a swift motion and whirl the water in the bottle that is now on top. When you whirl the water in the top bottle, it creates a vortex because of which it spirals down into the bottle below creating a mini tornado. You can add color or glitter to the water as a fun experiment.